Private Chef Dining

Weekly Meals prep
by a Private Chef


The price is set per week, inclusive of TAX. 

Daily prepared meals by a Private Chef

Enjoy all the luxuries of having an at-home private chef, without the chef. This fine-dining meal package is perfect for busy professionals, individuals on complex diets, and those who want to indulge in incredible food without lifting a finger. Treat yourself to exquisite meals on a daily basis and serve up sensational dishes worthy of Australia’s top restaurants. 

What’s included?

  • 15 meals per week, all prepared by a private chef, 
  • Delivery 2-3 times per week, 
  • All ingredients for your meals, 
  • Shopping, preparation, and cooking, 
  • Instructions on how to reheat the meal and plate it beautifully. 

You can find a few sample menus by scrolling further below. 

How to order?

Access to incredible chef-prepared meals at home is just a click away. 

  1. Select add to cart, 
  2. Enter your details,
  3. Securely pay online. 

Bespoke meal packages

If you want to change the frequency of service or the number of meals you receive each week, we’re more than happy to cater to you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 

Your menu will be fully customised on a daily basis by your Private Chef.

Menu examples

1. Chef Robert’s Modern American example menu:

  1. Roast turkey, Mexico-Oaxacan mole sauce (V)
  2. Beijing duck pancakes, Hoisin scallion sauce
  3. Crusted ocean trout fillet, Norwegian style spices (V)
  4. Glazed fig, fresh goats curd, almond crostini (GF, V)
  5. Southern-fried okra, whipped cream, potatoes
  6. Texas spinach salad, pecans, pear, brie, aged balsamic dressing
  7. Indian Ras Hanout spiced apple pie (V)

2. Chef Tom’s Asian-fusion example menu:

  1. Crispy five-spice pork belly (DF, GF)
  2. Grilled chilli BBQ chicken (DF, GF)
  3. Asian greens, rice (DF, GF)
  4. Lemon oregano potatoes (DF, GF)
  5. Vermicelli noodle salad, Thai basil, mint, fresh herbs, lime soy dressing (DF)
  6. Carrot salad, sesame ginger dressing (DF)
  7. Dark chocolate brownie, barley cream, roasted peanuts (GF)

3. Chef Mattia’s Mediterranean example menu:

  1. 8 hours slow roasted Oberon lamb shoulder, salsa verde
  2. Fennel, salt-roasted pulled pork, applesauce
  3. Roasted baby carrots, labne, almond dukkah, bay leaves
  4. Broccolini, chilli, preserved lemon, baby capers
  5. Pearl barley, roasted cauliflower, pomegranate fig, mint salad
  6. Wild rocket, heirloom tomato, asparagus salad, caramelised balsamic
  7. House baked triple choc brownie, fresh cream, mixed berries

CHEFIN Booking process

Next Steps

  • Secure your booking by paying in full. If using bank transfer/EFTPOS, please ensure you use the order number as a payment reference.
  • CHEFIN will email you a booking confirmation and calendar invitation. This will include a form to collect your information and particular needs/requirements.
  • Once you have filled in the form and sent it back to us, and your booking is sooner than in 3 weeks, we will assign a Chef based on your needs and desires.
  • Your assigned Chef will design a unique menu tailored to your brief, event, dietaries and tastes.
  • You can preview this menu, provide feedback, and advise of any menu & event changes along the way.

Frequently Asked questions

Can I choose my menu items from a pre-set selection of menus?

Your private chef will custom tailor a menu for you when your booking is confirmed. We are 100% certain you will love your menu or we will return your money-back guarantee! Our Chefs LOVE to create dishes and every menu they construct is fully exclusive for your taste buds.

Can I select a specific Private Chef for my event?

Once a booking has been secured & confirmed our sophisticated algorithm will take your preferences & match these with the available Chefs in your area. You will be presented a choice of Chefs, though during busy periods/last minute bookings you will be assigned a Chef to work with.

How does booking a Private Chef work?

Once you book online with us you’ll receive a Booking Confirmation email with your order details & the next steps. You will need to fill in your dietaries, food preferences & desires and an algorithm will then identify and match you with the best-suited Chef who will tailor a menu for you.

Do you have Chefs available to cook for my event?

As a platform with more than 700 available Chefs, we always have availability – or your money back guarantee! Our team works relentlessly to ensure we have the largest selection of Private Chefs across the country and are able to fulfil every single guest’s request.

What do I need to prepare for my event?

You need to prepare a space in your fridge (1-2 shelves), clear your kitchen bench and introduce the Chef to the kitchen & dining areas. Depending on your booking you will need to prepare crockery/glassware/cutlery & set the table if no wait staff are included in your event booking.

What time does the Chef arrive on the day?

Your private chef will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand with all ingredients, and begin preparing your dishes. Waitstaff arrive separately. The team will take care of all the food and drinks (as advised). After the event is over, the team will clean the kitchen and event area before leaving you to bask in the afterglow of a wonderful event.

How does the private chef meal plan work?

  1. When you sign up for the meal prep package, we will ask about your dietary requirements, preferred cuisines, food allergies, and how often you’d like your meals to be delivered each week. 
  2. Each week, our private chefs will customise a multi-meal plan based on your needs. You’ll be presented with a curated menu that includes entrees, mains, sides, and desserts, and be able to select the meals you’d like to have delivered. You can also ask to have a specific dish made for you. 
  3. Your private chef will shop for all the necessary ingredients and prepare your meals in a certified kitchen, ready to be delivered fresh to your home or in your home depending on your plan. 
  4. Each meal package will include several dishes to be consumed over the following days, as well as detailed instructions on how to properly reheat the food and present it beautifully on the plate. 
  5. At home, all you have to do is follow the instructions to quickly reheat your food, sit down, and enjoy a fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home. 

The benefits of ordering a private chef meal prepping package

Can I get a Private Chef to shop for my weekly meals?  

If you’re a busy working professional or managing a household, you may find yourself lacking in time to devote to grocery shopping. One of the perks of having a private chef deliver ready-made meals to your home is the fact that you save time on shopping each week. You’ll have a few extra hours in your workweek and plenty of fresh, delicious food to enjoy every day. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about freeing up storage space in your fridge or pantry!

Can a Personal Chef clean up my kitchen? 

Sometimes it’s not the idea of cooking that seems tiresome, it’s all the cleanup that comes afterwards. One of the bonuses of having prepared meals delivered to your home each week is that you won’t have to worry about washing up pots and pans. Just heat your food, eat, and enjoy the extra time you have in the day. 

Can I get a tailored/customised weekly meal plan based on my diet? 

Say goodbye to brainstorming your week’s meals and let your creativity flow towards work or play instead. Your private chef will take care of creating your menu, and everything will be customised to your tastes, dietary preferences, preferred cuisines, and nutritional needs. It’s the best way to ensure you’re eating the diet you need, without all the effort of planning it yourself. 

Can a Private Chef shop for gourmet ingredients & the finest produce? 

Our chefs source the freshest produce straight from the farms, and always use premium ingredients in their dishes. Enjoy sensational flavours that use ethical, quality ingredients without having to forge relationships with producers yourself. 

How can I spend more time with loved ones?

With all your meals taken care of, you can enjoy more time with your loved ones. Whether that means going for walks, playing board games, or lounging in front of the television, it’s up to you. You’ll have extra hours in the day to just relax and enjoy precious moments without the stress of cooking and cleaning. 

How can I make mealtimes special? 

Even an ordinary meal like spaghetti bolognese feels much more special when it has been prepared by an executive personal chef. Using premium ingredients, adding an extra flavour hit, and being made with the skilful hands of a culinary artist, every meal you eat will always feel extra luxurious. It’s like fine dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. 

Can a Private Chef help me try new & interesting foods? 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of cooking the same meals over and over again. A private chef will allow you to discover new and interesting foods and cuisines that you never even knew existed! Our private chefs are skilled in cooking cuisines from different countries and regions from all over the world. You and your family can relish in the experience of trying foods from across the globe, adding excitement and adventure to each meal. Even better still, every meal will be presented in such a way that even your kids will be happy to expand their flavour profiles.

What kind of diets do private chefs cater for?

Our private chef can cater for any and all dietary requirements. Just let us know at the time of booking and we will create a meal plan that’s designed to suit your needs. Here are just some examples of diets our meal prep package can cater for: 

  • Vegan & vegetarian diets, 
  • All food allergies,
  • Pescatarian,
  • Halal, 
  • Kosher, 
  • No beef, 
  • FODMAP, 
  • Paleo, 
  • Dukan diet,
  • DASH diet,
  • Low carb diets, 
  • Low-fat diets, and more. 

The history of private chefs

We cannot pinpoint a specific moment in history when private chefs first began to make an appearance in people’s kitchens. It could have been hundreds of years ago, or it could have even been thousands of years ago back in the days of Ancient Egypt! When it comes to catering, we have records of people cooking for affluent families and kingdoms way back in Ancient Greece and China. Rather than being talented executive chefs, however, the first caterers were usually slaves cooking for the upper echelons of society. 

In more modern times, private chefs were recognised as a symbol of privilege and wealth, cooking for affluent families, celebrities, billionaires, and politicians. To have a private chef cooking meals for you was an elusive concept out of reach for the majority of the middle and working classes. Even more recently, private chefs have slowly become more accessible and affordable to the average household. This is partly because there are more chefs choosing to work in the private sphere, as well as more people willing to pay premium prices to access fresh, healthy, gourmet meals.

Can a private chef help me to lose weight?

Yes! One of the biggest perks of having a personal chef prepare your meals is the ability to eat fresh, customised dishes that cater to your dietary needs and goals. When you order your meal package, tell us of any nutritional guidelines, goals, and dietary requirements you have. Your private chef will then curate a multi-meal plan that will help you achieve those goals and ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need and eating the foods you want. 

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean enduring bland, tasteless foods. Enjoy rich flavours and gourmet meals and you won’t even notice you’re on a diet at all. Most recently, our private chefs have been working with a client to reach her goal of losing 30kg. She is receiving specially prepared meals every day of the week, each designed with the perfect nutritional profile to help her reach her goals. We can do the same for you. Just let us know at the time of booking.

Why order the private chef meal prep package?

  • You want to enjoy restaurant quality meals on a daily basis,
  • You don’t have time to cook extravagant meals for yourself during the week, 
  • You want to eat fresh, healthy meals that use only the finest produce and ingredients, 
  • You want to feel the luxury of having chef-made meals made just for you,
  • You need to lose weight or have a particular diet that other meal prep kits don’t cater for,  
  • You want to have sensational dishes prepared for you and catered specifically to your tastes & requirements.