"Pay What It's Worth" - An Exclusive Culinary Journey for Our Valued Guests

Dine and Decide: The Ultimate Chef Audition Experience

The “Pay What It’s Worth” Chef Audition offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience exclusively for our cherished clients. This special event gives you the unique opportunity to play a key part in evaluating our newly welcomed chef. Savor the culinary creations crafted by our chef, and then decide what you believe the experience is worth.

Chef Nick Guan explains his dishes to guests

What to Expect from a Chef Audition Experience?

A newly welcomed CHEFIN Private Chef will design a bespoke menu just for you and up to 7 guests. The meal kicks off with 2 canapés, followed by a carefully crafted 3-course meal. Our chefs are committed to using only the finest ingredients to guarantee each dish meets our high standards. Watch as culinary magic happens right in your kitchen, turning your evening into a memorable gourmet adventure.

chef rob is presenting his dishes to a group of diners

What We Expect from You

After thorough background checks, reviewing resumes, and analyzing the imagery of their dishes, it’s now your turn to witness the chef’s talents up close in an intimate private dining setting. Here’s what we’re looking for from you:

  • Invite up to 7 Guests: Make it a night to remember by sharing this exclusive dining experience with friends who appreciate fine food.
  • Provide Detailed Feedback: Your insights, along with those of your guests, regarding the chef’s performance and the meals served are incredibly valuable. We ask for your feedback by filling out a detailed form during the event.
  • Document the Experience: Snap photos and record short videos of the chef at work, the exquisite meals, and the smiles around your dining table. Share these moments with us, and if you choose, spread the word among your circles on social media.
  • Pay What It Feels Worth to You: Contribute what you think the experience was worth, based on your overall satisfaction. There’s no minimum requirement—it’s entirely up to you.
A keen foodie taking a snap with their phone on Sydney North Shore Private Chef Valeria Boselli vegan creations

Express Your Interest

If the idea of being part of a Chef Audition and enjoying a unique dining experience excites you, we want to know! Fill out the form to show your interest, and we’ll provide you with all the details on how you can be part of this culinary adventure.