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Indulge in Fine Dining with Leading Private Chefs

Savor the opulence and ease of dining with America’s premier personal chefs, right at your preferred location. Our platform connects food enthusiasts with the best chefs across the country, ready to transform any venue into a high-end dining experience. Organizing an intimate gathering, a large corporate event, or a unique celebration? Our chefs craft bespoke menus tailored to your taste and dietary preferences. With diverse culinary backgrounds, they can whip up everything from classic American dishes to exotic global cuisines. Why settle for the usual when you can bask in the exceptional? Discover why more Americans are choosing personal chefs for their gastronomic adventures.


A great way to entertain, without the stress!

Art of Dining Excellence with a Satisfaction Guarantee – We promise an unparalleled dining experience or your money returned. Esteemed by leading Fortune 500 firms and delighting over 90,000 satisfied patrons. Discover more

Unmatched Safety & Security Measures – Rigorous screening processes ensure every chef meets our high standards; stringent food safety protocols are in place for your peace of mind; payments are securely held until post-event; and a robust $20 million public liability insurance safeguards all parties involved. Learn more…

Select Ingredients of the Highest Quality – Our ingredient selection is grounded in three vital principles: Health, Environmental Responsibility, and Positive Social Impact. Every supplier is meticulously chosen by our culinary experts and rigorously vetted by CHEFIN to guarantee exceptional quality and integrity. Explore further…

Personalized Support Throughout – Your bespoke concierge service caters to every nuance of your needs, ensuring seamless coordination between you and your chef with the aid of CHEFIN’s exclusive technology. A harmonious blend of exceptional care and client satisfaction. Delve deeper…

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How CHEFIN works?

1. Dining style selection

Select the dining style that is most suitable for your event based on the number of dishes you are after, eg. 3-course fine dining meal, or cocktail canapes. Reserve here.

2. Platform Chef matches

Once a booking is reserved, the CHEFIN algorithm will take your preferences & match these with available chefs in your area.

3. Design a menu together

You will be able to tailor the chef’s services to your needs. Chefs LOVE to create dishes, every menu they construct is exclusive.

4. Sit back and enjoy! 

The chef will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand with all ingredients and begin preparing. The only thing you need to do is sit down, relax and enjoy!


First, CHOOSE A Dining Style

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3-Course Fine Dining

A fine dining 3 course meal will be designed by your private Chef
$195.00per person, minimum 8 people

5-Course Fine Dining

Includes a premium fine dining 5-course meal: 2 starters, 2 mains and 1 dessert
$245.00per person, minimum 7 people

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to hire a Private Chef in the US?

At CHEFIN, we bring the art of upscale dining experiences to American food connoisseurs. The cost for our private chefs is comparable to a high-end restaurant, but with the added perks of a personalized chef and custom menu right in your own space. We offer a range of packages from cocktail canapé options starting at $65 per person, to 3-course meals priced at $195 per person, and lavish 5-course meals at $245 per person. Note that prices may vary on holidays and for last-minute bookings. Explore all CHEFIN PACKAGES here.

What are the most sought-after cuisines for Private Chef services in the US?

On our CHEFIN platform, we have over 700 vetted Private Chefs across America and Australia offering more than 20 global cuisines. Their diverse cultural backgrounds and culinary passions make them masters of various cooking styles. The top 5 cuisines for Private Chef services in the US are Contemporary American, South American, French, Italian, and Chinese.

What is included in a Private Chef service in the US?

Upon confirming your booking, our algorithm will pinpoint and pair you with the most suitable private chef who will then craft a menu just for you. On the day of the event, your private chef will arrive 1.5 hours early, armed with fresh ingredients, and start preparing your dishes. Waitstaff are arranged separately. The team handles all food and beverage needs (as specified). After your event, the team will clean up the kitchen and event area, leaving you to revel in the success of a splendid occasion. Additional services like drinks, tableware, and glassware can be organized as extra services.

Is there a Private Chef available for my event in the US?

With over 700 chefs readily available on our platform, we guarantee availability or your money back! Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure we maintain the largest selection of Private Chefs nationwide, aiming to meet every single guest’s request. In the unlikely event that your assigned chef has to cancel, we can swiftly arrange a replacement chef for you, even at the last minute. That’s the advantage of a platform like ours – peace of mind for your special occasions.

How do I engage a Private Chef in the US?

Once a PACKAGE (dining style) is booked, CHEFIN’s advanced algorithm takes your preferences into account and matches them with the available Chefs in your area. You will be given a selection of Chefs to choose from, but during busy periods or last-minute bookings, a Chef will be assigned to you. Once a chef is selected, they will create a menu tailored to your unique requests. We also provide a few rounds of menu revisions based on your feedback.

What preparations are required for a Private Chef service in the US?

In truth, very little. Your private chef will only need your assistance with a few minor things. You’ll need to clear some space in your fridge (1-2 shelves), clean your kitchen counter, and show the Chef the kitchen and dining areas. Depending on your booking, you may need to prepare tableware/glassware/cutlery and set the table if your event booking does not include wait staff. If you have arranged for waitstaff through us, the team can assist with table setting before the service.


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Most Popular Private Chefs in the US

Our team is composed of some of the most accomplished chefs in the nation, prepared to serve you in locations spanning across all states. Our service territories encompass:

New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, New Orleans, Seattle, San Diego, Austin, and their adjacent suburbs.

We believe chefs should be involved in the excitement, not merely confined to the kitchen. That’s why our personal chef services allow you to engage and converse with our proficient chefs. You can gain insights into their culinary styles and let them lead you on a memorable gastronomic adventure.

Contemplating hiring a private chef for your forthcoming dinner party? Our cadre of professional chefs is your optimum choice. They’ll transport their culinary expertise and passion for food straight to your selected venue, rendering your meal an extraordinary experience.


At CHEFIN, we place great emphasis on the caliber of our private chefs. We ensure that each chef associated with our platform aligns with our stringent standards. Our thorough vetting process includes an exhaustive background check, and we even sample their culinary creations to confirm not only their skill but also their passion for their craft. We believe our clients are entitled to nothing but the best, and that’s what we strive to provide. You can rest assured that every private chef you engage from CHEFIN has been meticulously selected to guarantee a memorable dining encounter.

Chef Nick Guan explains his dishes to guests


At CHEFIN, our focus is on exceptional food, and it all begins with first-rate ingredients. We are particular about the components that make up our dishes, ensuring each ingredient is of the highest quality. We source our products from reliable suppliers and local farmers who share our commitment to sustainable farming. Our chefs have access to a diverse selection of premium producers, enabling them to handpick only the finest for you. In selecting our ingredients, we concentrate on three key aspects: their health advantages, their environmental impact, and their social influence.


Putting chefs at the center of the culinary experience

Chefs are more than mere cooks; they are the imaginative forces that bring a touch of artistry to the dining experience. It’s time to shift our focus back to the true essence of the culinary journey – the chefs themselves. They are the ones who infuse creativity, enthusiasm, and proficiency into every meal. They craft not just dishes but also weave narratives through their culinary creations. Hence, it’s crucial to reposition chefs as the heart of the dining experience, returning them to the limelight where they rightfully belong. Their skills, wisdom, and craftsmanship should be the primary highlight. So let’s honor chefs, as they are indeed the luminaries of the gastronomic realm.


Meet our signature private chefs

Personal Chef Joshua Harmon

With a pioneering spirit and a taste for adventure, Chef Joshua Harmon has established himself as a culinary powerhouse in Dallas, Texas. As a personal chef, he masterfully merges the distinctive flavors of Southern and Asian cuisines, crafting an enthralling dining experience. Continually challenging norms and advocating for unusual ingredients, Chef Joshua’s expertise in fermentation is unmatched, creating a harmony of flavors in every dish he prepares.

Personal Chef Robert Morales

Fueled by an initial fascination for cooking, Chef Robert turned his culinary adventures into a deep-seated passion, eventually shaping it into his career. Guided by joy in his culinary journey, he takes immense pleasure in creating enchanting dining experiences for food enthusiasts nationwide.

Private Chef Robert Morales Profile Photo

Personal Chef Rick Rosenblum

Introducing Executive Chef Rick Rosenblum, a culinary maestro with an unyielding zeal for creating extraordinary dining experiences. Groomed under the guidance of celebrated chefs and earning recognition from prestigious publications such as the L.A. Times, Chef Rick’s career has been characterized by gastronomic superiority and a dedication to wholesome, farm-to-table cuisine. As a highly-regarded Private Chef in Los Angeles, his unique concoctions and commitment to a balanced dining experience continue to charm selective epicureans.

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