Private Chef Dining

Private Chef Gift Card


$500 Private Chef Gift Card from CHEFIN:

Treat someone special to a $500 CHEFIN gift card. This slick gift card can be redeemed for any CHEFIN product or package, including multi-course meals, canapés, food experiences, dégustations, and more. Give the gift of incredible food and let someone enjoy the lasting impact of a great meal. 

What’s included?

  • $500 stainless steel gift card with engraved elements,
  • Sleek black envelope,
  • Shipping to a designated address. 

$500 CHEFIN Gift Card

When should I buy a CHEFIN gift card? 

Purchase this CHEFIN gift card for a friend or loved one who is obsessed with food and the finer things in life. This gift card makes a wonderful present for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special occasions. It is also a fantastic gift choice for valued clients. 

What’s special about gifting a CHEFIN gift card is that the experience is open-ended. Everybody adores food, and mouth-watering gourmet food even more. This gift card makes a marvellous present for those who you’re not quite sure what to give, or for the person who seems to have everything. They are free to choose how to spend the card. 

What can the CHEFIN gift card be used for? 

The CHEFIN gift card is a special token of appreciation that gifts the recipient a remarkable food experience of their choosing. They are free to use the gift card for any of CHEFIN’s services, including private chef hire, multi-course meals, food experiences & culinary journeys, cooking classes, at-home dining experiences, degustations, and more.