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Meet Executive Chef Rick Rosenblum, a culinary virtuoso with an unwavering passion for crafting exquisite dining experiences. Having honed his skills under the tutelage of renowned chefs and receiving accolades from esteemed publications like the L.A. Times, Chef Rick’s journey has been defined by culinary excellence and a commitment to healthy, farm-to-table cuisine. As a sought-after Private Chef in Los Angeles, his distinctive creations and dedication to harmonious dining continue to delight discerning diners.

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Chef Rick Rosenblum’s culinary odyssey commenced with humble beginnings, kindled by a deep connection to the kitchen where he delighted in cooking for his family. His love for food’s ability to bring people together and narrate stories inspired him to pursue culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California, where he earned his culinary degree with top honors in 2001.

Early in his career, Chef Rick had the privilege of working alongside culinary luminaries such as Wolfgang Puck, Chef Joachim Splichal, and Chef Octavio Becerra, igniting his passion for culinary innovation and fine dining. From Line Chef at Pinot Bistro to Sous Chef at The Harvest Restaurant, Chef Rick’s culinary prowess evolved, setting the stage for his transformative journey at Saddle Peak Lodge in 2008.

As Chef De Cuisine at Saddle Peak Lodge, Chef Rick orchestrated a symphony of flavors that earned rave reviews, including a laudatory appraisal from S. Irene Virbila of the L.A. Times. His expertise in New America fare and wild game cuisine impressed diners, and his meticulous attention to quality and taste garnered widespread admiration.

Seeking new culinary horizons, Chef Rick embraced the role of Private Chef at a prestigious private estate in Camarillo, California, where he meticulously curated specialized meals tailored to the family’s dietary preferences. His dedication to sourcing organic and gluten-free products exemplified his commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences.

In 2014, Chef Rick assumed the position of Executive Chef at the esteemed Malibu Recovery Center, where his innovative menu designs, meal planning, and mastery of special diets earned him glowing reviews from clients. Parallel to his endeavors at the center, he ventured into private chef services, leaving a trail of satisfied celebrity clients, including musician Tom Petty and baseball player Ryan Braun, who hailed his culinary prowess.

Driven by his passion for intimate culinary experiences and a growing demand for healthier dining options, Chef Rick embraced a Farm-to-Table concept at Decker Kitchen in Westlake Village, California, delighting diners with seasonal menus sourced from local farms.

A pivotal moment in his culinary journey came with the passing of his beloved mother, whose encouraging spirit propelled Chef Rick back to his roots as a private chef. Embracing entrepreneurship, he ventured into Table At Home, captivating guests with his culinary artistry and infusing every dish with passion and harmony.

Today, Chef Rick Rosenblum is renowned for crafting unforgettable private dining experiences. With a meticulous focus on preparing a diverse array of healthy and delectable foods, his mission is to create culinary magic that leaves a lasting impression on his guests’ hearts and palates. As a distinguished Los Angeles Private Chef, Chef Rick’s culinary artistry continues to enchant and inspire, making him a celebrated figure in the world of fine dining.


Chef Rick Rosenblum's culinary journey is adorned with a medley of delectable creations, but there are a few dishes that hold a special place in his heart. One such masterpiece is the New America fare and wild game dishes at Saddle Peak Lodge, where Chef Rick's culinary finesse earned glowing reviews. Another cherished delight is the Chilean sea bass, bathed in a miso sake glaze and duck broth fusion, celebrated by food connoisseurs. With a passion for creating intimate dining experiences, Chef Rick revels in crafting healthy and farm-to-table menus that bring joy to his guests' palates.


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