Private Chef Dining

All Day Meeting Package


Full Day Meeting Package:

Fuel your board meetings with an all-day gourmet menu that will impress clients or treat guests. This package includes a range of exquisite finger foods and easy-to-eat meals that are carefully designed by our chefs in a cuisine or theme of your choice. All ingredients used in this delegate package will be hand-selected by your chef and locally sourced where possible. 

The price is per person, inclusive of TAX, a minimum of 20 guests applies, includes an average of 10 substantial food items per person, as well as bottomless beverages.

What’s included?

  • All-day coffee, tea, and fresh juice, 
  • 4 varieties of savoury finger foods,
  • 2 varieties of substantial meals,
  • 4 varieties of sweets/dessert items.

You can find a few sample menus by scrolling further below. 

Book in 3 easy steps:

  1. select add to cart,
  2. enter event details,
  3. secure pay online.

If you would like to book this package and add service staff or additional products please add this package to the cart and then go on to add the additional packages. In case you want a different package simply go back to the main shop page and view the rest of the Private Chef packages. 

Your menu will be fully customised based on your requirements by a Private Chef.

Menu examples

1. Chef Robert’s Fusion example menu:

  1. Beverages: Tea & Coffee, Juice, Sparkling water
  2. Finger foods: Pumpkin and quinoa salad (V, DF, VEG), Mini polenta and almond cakes (V, VEG, GF)
  3. Substantial items: Bacon and egg roll, Butter chicken with Toasted cashew, coriander and yoghurt (VEG option available)
  4. Sweet items: Freshly baked danishes and croissants (V), Fresh sliced fruit (V, DF, GF, VEG), Chocolate brownies (GF)

2. Chef Anton’s’ Mediterranean example menu:

  1. Beverages: Tea & Coffee, Juice, Sparkling water
  2. Finger foods: Tomato and rocket frittata (VEG, GF), Pumpkin with quinoa and pepita salad (GF, VEG, DF), Avocado, radish sprouts, and turkey sandwiches (GF, DF)
  3. Substantial items: Roast beef and tomato sandwiches (DF), Frittata bacon and cheese (GF)
  4. Sweet items: Freshly baked danishes & croissants (V), Greek yoghurt w pistachios and fruits. (GF, VEG), Chocolate brownies with fruits

3. Chef Sailesh’s Modern Australian example menu:

  1. Beverages: Tea & Coffee, Juice, Sparkling water
  2. Finger foods: Truffled Mushroom and Brie Quiche bites (V), Spicy kale and seaweed salad, Soba noodle with sesame and shallots
  3. Substantial items: French Breakfast Mignardise – Assorted pastries baked fresh from quality Belgium Butter (V), Pork belly slider with slaw
  4. Sweet items: Macadamia/Strawberry Gum Granola Coconut Yoghurt (DF), Seasonal and Local Premium Fresh Fruit Platter (DF, GF, V)

CHEFIN Booking process

Next Steps

  • Secure your booking by paying in full. If using bank transfer/EFTPOS, please ensure you use the order number as a payment reference.
  • CHEFIN will email you a booking confirmation and calendar invitation. This will include a form to collect your information and particular needs/requirements.
  • Once you have filled in the form and sent it back to us, and your booking is sooner than in 3 weeks, we will assign a Chef based on your needs and desires.
  • Your assigned Chef will design a unique menu tailored to your brief, event, dietaries and tastes.
  • You can preview this menu, provide feedback, and advise of any menu & event changes along the way.

Frequently Asked questions

Can I choose my menu items from a pre-set selection of menus?

Your private chef will custom tailor a menu for you when your booking is confirmed. We are 100% certain you will love your menu or we will return your money-back guarantee! Our Chefs LOVE to create dishes and every menu they construct is fully exclusive for your taste buds.

Can I select a specific Private Chef for my event?

Once a booking has been secured & confirmed our sophisticated algorithm will take your preferences & match these with the available Chefs in your area. You will be presented a choice of Chefs, though during busy periods/last minute bookings you will be assigned a Chef to work with.

How does booking a Private Chef work?

Once you book online with us you’ll receive a Booking Confirmation email with your order details & the next steps. You will need to fill in your dietaries, food preferences & desires and an algorithm will then identify and match you with the best-suited Chef who will tailor a menu for you.

Do you have Chefs available to cook for my event?

As a platform with more than 700 available Chefs, we always have availability – or your money back guarantee! Our team works relentlessly to ensure we have the largest selection of Private Chefs across the country and are able to fulfil every single guest’s request.

What do I need to prepare for my event?

You need to prepare a space in your fridge (1-2 shelves), clear your kitchen bench and introduce the Chef to the kitchen & dining areas. Depending on your booking you will need to prepare crockery/glassware/cutlery & set the table if no wait staff are included in your event booking.

What time does the Chef arrive on the day?

Your private chef will arrive 1.5 hours beforehand with all ingredients, and begin preparing your dishes. Waitstaff arrive separately. The team will take care of all the food and drinks (as advised). After the event is over, the team will clean the kitchen and event area before leaving you to bask in the afterglow of a wonderful event.

When should I order an all day meeting package?

The all day meeting package is perfect for meetings, conferences, functions, seminars, and training days. It’s also a fantastic option for workshops, classes, expos, lectures, and more. 

Order this package if you are hosting an event or meeting during traditional eating times and not providing a full meal, or if your event spans for half a day or more. Don’t leave your clients or guests hungry! We’ll take care of all the food and set-up while you focus on the details of your event. 

What are the best foods to order for a meeting? 

If you’re hosting a meeting or function, food is a great way to keep people energised, enthused, and interested. The best way to fuel your guests is with nourishing food that’s easy to eat and will supply a good dose of energy – you can’t rely on coffee for everything! Here are some of the best foods to order for a meeting:

  • Fresh fruit. Simple, nutritious, and a great way to get a dose of energy during meetings. A bowl of fresh fruit looks enticing and appetising on any meeting table and will ensure there’s something for everyone to eat. 
  • Baked goods. Croissants, quiche, tarts… baked goods are great options for morning meetings as they are suitable as a breakfast food, midmorning snack, and more substantial lunchtime fix as well. Even better, they’re easy to eat with your hands and make minimal mess and noise while eating.
  • Sweet treats. There comes a point in every meeting where you need sugar, and you need it fast. Sweet treats help keep meetings interesting by giving guests the chance to snack on something deliciously naughty. 

5 hot trends for event foods & beverages

Want to serve your guests food that’s of the moment? Here are the five hottest trends in event food & beverages: 

  • Eating local. We’re not just talking Australia-made, but food is specifically grown in your state or city where possible. Locally caught fish, meat sourced from a nearby farm, produce purchased from the farmer’s markets, and artisanal condiments made by local foodies. More and more people are interested in decreasing their carbon footprint and eating local food where possible, so keep your guests proud and satisfied with locally sourced ingredients where possible!
  • Small batch beer & wine. Off the back of eating local is a new trend in sourcing beverages that are locally distilled or brewed. People are less interested in the big names we all know, and more intrigued by craft beers and wines that feature more personality and pizzazz. Ordering local beers & wines is also a great experience when hosting clients from abroad or interstate. 
  • Grab & go food that’s different.  Food that’s easy to eat is essential for meetings, but that doesn’t mean it has to be drab and simple. Skip the usual finger foods and go for light meals that are extraordinary and flavoursome but still easy to manage and hold in your hands. 
  • Eco, sustainable, healthy. Sustainability is a big buzzword, and in the food world just as much as anywhere else. Not only do some people look out for foods that are eco-friendly and sustainable, it also shows that your business is concerned for the environment and the future. Be sure to source sustainable seafood and fair trade ingredients where possible. At the same time, show your clients & guests that you value them by avoiding processed foods and serving healthy dishes where possible. Say no to packaged cookies! 

How to accommodate different diets for meetings?

Hosting a meeting and unsure or unable to collect everyone’s dietary requirements beforehand? We can help you organise meeting food that meets all different diets and requirements, from halal to vegan to gluten-free. 

  • Ask your guests. You should always ensure to ask your guests or clients prior to the meeting whether they have any dietary requirements or special needs. It’s important that you give them the opportunity to share their diets with you beforehand so that food can be specially prepared. This helps to create an inclusive atmosphere for your meeting and ensures nobody feels left out. 
  • Understand different diets. Some people’s dietary requirements will be more stringent than others. Some will suffer from severe food allergies, such as those to peanuts, while others may only experience mild reactions. Others will be following religious diets. Make sure you have communicated with your guests and understood the strictness of your diet so that we can do our best to accommodate these needs.
  • Communicate with us. When you know the requirements and preferences of your guests, we can get to work crafting a menu that’s suitable for all or most of your guests. Our chefs will always work to provide an appetising alternative to any foods that cannot be consumed by a guest. That way, nobody ends up disappointed at the table.