What kind of events is CHEFIN suitable for?

Here is an easy way to check if CHEFIN is suitable for your event: Will people be eating or drinking? Yes, then CHEFIN is ready to cater to you! We’ve created CHEFIN with the specific purpose of catering to just about any social dining event, ever. And we mean that when we say it.

If you’re still not sure if we are able to cater for your event, here are some examples of our catering services:
Romantic dinners, family catch-ups & reunions, client lunches & meetings, birthday parties & dinners, housewarmings & farewells, fancy dinner parties, kids’ birthday parties, movie nights, poetry nights, art exhibitions, group meetups, sporting events, and more!

We’ll make you a 3-course-meal, a 5-course-meal, a standing buffet, or casual canapés. We’ll create an extravagant feast, tasty mezze & antipasti platters, or just lots and lots of cupcakes. Remember, as long as it involves food and guests, we’ve got it. Get in touch to have a chat about your specific requirements!