What is CHEFIN?

We like to think of CHEFIN as being a food community that connects Chefs with Hosts. It’s a private home dining experience, a unique corporate catering experience, and an easy way to bring good food to good people. There’s nothing that connects people together better than the joy of taste. Our aim here is to foster communication, nurture relationships, and inspire memories the universal joy of shared food experiences.

Talented chefs need good hosts, and budding hosts need good chefs to pull off a fantastic event. CHEFIN is a place where the two can find each other easily, where event plans can come alive, and unique experiences can be built. For too long, chefs have been restricted to the restaurant kitchen, and we want everyone to be able to savour in their cooking! Whether that’s a family, a team of colleagues, or a large event, the aim here at CHEFIN is to unite hosts & guests with chefs to create an unforgettable experience.