Available both as an herb and as a spice, coriander is widely used in all types of cuisines across the globe. It belongs to the parsley family and its leaves also closely resemble that of parsley leaves. Even though it is mostly considered to be native to southern Europe and the Middle East, it has been used in Asian countries for thousands of years. today, it can be found growing in many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia as well as in the Americas. The fresh leaves of the coriander plant are known as cilantro, and are commonly used as an herb in cooking.


As an herb, coriander has a refreshing aroma. The seeds have a mildly sweet and spicy taste with a citrus undertone, and when they are ripe, have a pleasant fragrance. However, when unripe, they often have a pungent smell. Mostly, coriander is used heavily in curry powders. In its spice form, it is often sprinkled over soups and stews. It is also used to add flavour to smoked and grilled meat, and is known to go extremely well with pork and ham. Moreover, this versatile herb and spice is used in traditional English black pudding recipes as well as Italian sausages.

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