What if my number of guests goes up or down or my plans change?

If you’re to learn anything about event planning, it’s that events don’t go to plan! If you need to add or remove guests from your attendance list, we understand. As with anything, though, we do need plenty of notice to prevent any setbacks.

  • In the case that certain guests are not attending the event, and fees have already been paid, please check our cancellation policy before contacting us.
  • When it comes to adding on extra guests, you’ve got a little more time. We just ask that you notify us of any extra attendees at least 36 hours prior to the event. This way we can arrange for all the necessary additions to accommodate for them. Full payment is required immediately at the time of change for any additional guests.

To add or remove guests from your event, give us a call at 0477 666 351, or via email at bookings@chefin.com.au