What do I do if I want a specific menu?

You may have gazed through our menu offerings and wondered whether it’s possible to devise your own menu? Of course, you can! The whole fun of hiring your own private chef for an event is having a say in what you’d like to eat. Our team of private chefs are all extremely skilled and able to cook for everyone and every diet.

We’ll be honest, chefs are passionate about what they do. They live, eat, and breathe food. And for that reason, they absolutely love to design their own menus. The best thing to do would give your private chef an idea of what you’re after, and have them dream up the perfect menu to tantalise your taste buds.

If you’d rather have more of a say, then they’ll be happy to accept your own menu suggestions and ideas. Just remember, they are experts at what they do, so if they advise you against something, it might be for a good reason! If you have any particular menu ideas or suggestions, then please share them with the CHEFIN support team during the booking process, or with your chef after booking is complete.