Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests?

Sorry, solo diners, but we ask that you only book a private chef for a minimum of two guests. Does that include you and a teddy bear? Sure. When it comes to a maximum, we do try to keep it to 100 guests per private chef. Otherwise, you start to compromise on the quality of each dish, and nobody wants that!

If you are making a large booking for more than 12 guests, we do ask that you first enquire with us beforehand. This will just be an opportunity for us to discuss all the fine details of your event, your requirements, necessities, and plans, and make sure that itโ€™s something we can definitely work with. Our primary goal here at CHEFIN is to help you pull off an unforgettable event, and that means planning!

Ready to book your private chef? Head to our Private Chefs page to read our chefโ€™s profiles, the Experiences page for ideas on our food journeys, and fill out the booking form to get started! !