How do I find a place for my events?

At CHEFIN, we’re here to help you pull off the best event possible, and that doesn’t just stop at food! If you don’t already have a venue in mind for your event, we can help you search for the best possible venue to suit your requirements. Whether that’s a corporate event, a family gathering, a wedding, a workshop, or a client meeting, we’ve got you.

We have an exhaustive listing of venues that we’ve tried, tested, and have proven to be popular amongst our guests. From a sunny rooftop to a whisky lounge and a large communal dining hall, there’s a venue to suit any event and requirements.

If you think you’ll need help finding a venue for your event, then just let us know when you make your initial booking through our community. We’ll take in your needs and what you’re going for, and pick out which venues we think will best serve you. Too easy!