Do you provide plates, glasses and cutlery for the events?

As much as we’d love to bring along our own dishware, glasses, and cutlery to events, it’s simply not feasible. For that reason, we do ask that you provide our chefs with certain equipment, cutlery, and kitchen accessories. We’ll bring the tasty ingredients, you supply the vessels.

When hiring a chef with CHEFIN, we ask that you supply the following:
1. Cookware – Pots and pans,
2. Servingware – Plates, bowls, and platters,
3. Drinkware – Glasses, wine glasses, mugs, and cups,
4. Cutlery – Full cutlery sets including a knife, fork, spoon, and teaspoon,
5. Appliances – Stove, oven, fridge, power outlets,
6. Other – Knives, chopping boards, strainers.

If you are unable to supply dishes, glasses, and cutlery for your event, then we can arrange for our chefs to bring along their own. This would incur an additional cost for transportation, however.