Can I choose a chef?

You can absolutely choose a chef! Once a booking has been secured and confirmed, we are able to reveal a choice of Chefs & menus suitable for your booking.

CHEFIN utilises a sophisticated data algorithm to identify and select the best-suited Chefs for your needs. The selection is based on your dining preferences, dietary needs, weather, produce availability, event details, timings, location and many more factors.

What good is hiring your own private chef if you can’t choose the best one to cater to your needs? Have a flick through the selection of chef profiles presented for your booking, feel free to check their profile page to get a good idea of each of our chef’s backgrounds, interests, and specialities.

If you’re hungry for more, then you can have a look through our Facebook and Instagram pages to see each of our chef’s different events and creations. We also regularly upload videos to Youtube, where you can see more of our chefs’ menus and food journeys. Your mouth will be watering, guaranteed!

If you’re not quite sure which chef is best suited to your needs, or you don’t have time to do the research, then that’s totally fine! Just send through your event requirements when you make your booking, and we’ll choose the best chef to suit your needs.