Can I add some of my own food for my event?

The private chefs at CHEFIN won’t be offended if you want to bring in small amounts of snacks into the event. They’ll also expand the invite to include homemade desserts, fruit, and water – it’ll still allow them to be the star of the show with their lavish menu.

But please don’t bring in any additional meals to an event that’s NOT catered by one of our private chefs. Use your judgement here. If the food is supplementary, small, and otherwise unable to have been made by the chef, then consider it OK. If you’re bringing along a meal of equal size to the chef’s creations, that could have been made by the chef, then we ask that you leave it outside.

Please note the above rule excludes any food and beverage items for guests with special dietary needs, food allergies, and baby food. We understand that sometimes our chefs cannot cater to everyone at an event, and we absolutely allow them to bring in their own meals.