Remoulade is a European sauce that is similar to mayonnaise and tartar sauce. It is sometimes flavoured with curry, horseradish, paprika, anchovies, capers, and small chopped pickles or piccalilli. Remoulade is popular in a range of European cuisines where it is used differently depending on the country and the dish. It is also popular in Louisiana-Creole cuisine.

How to use remoulade

Remoulade was originally made as an accompaniment to meat dishes, however it is now most often used as a dipping sauce or condiment, especially popular with seafood. It is a universal sauce that can be used in myriad ways, from pairing with French fries, adding to roast beef, or as a condiment served with hot dogs.

How remoulade is used in different cuisines

  • In France, remoulade is made from mayonnaise with the addition of vinegar, mustard, shallots, capers, chopped pickles, and fresh herbs like tarragon and chives. It is most often used as part of a dish called celeri remoulade, made from thinly sliced celeriac with an accompaniment of mustardy remoulade. It is also often served alongside red meat and seafood.
  • In Belgium, remoulade is a popular sauce served with French fries.
  • Danish remoulade is a classic ingredient used in the popular open-face roast beef sandwiches (also known as smorrebrod). It is also often served along with the Danish version of fish and chips. Remoulade is a popular condiment in Danish hot dogs, made with turmeric or curry powder and mixed with capers and pickles.
  • In the Netherlands, remoulade is popular with fried fish.
  • Germans use remoulade in potato salads and fried fish. In southern Germany, remoulade is popular with boiled beef and potatoes.
  • In Sweden, remoulade is used as a topping for roast beef as well as a condiment served alongside fried fish dishes. Just like Denmark, it is popular in hot dogs or smorrebrod.
  • In Norway, remoulade is popular served with aspic or fried fish.
  • Poland refers to remoulade as sos dunski, Danish sauce, where it is a popular condiment served with hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Icelandic hot dogs feature remoulade served with mustard, ketchup, and raw and fried onions. In the USA, remoulade is served as a condiment with seafood and some vegetables.
  • Louisiana-Creole remoulade has a pinkish tint due to the addition of paprika and Creole brown mustard, like Zatarain’s, ketchup, and cayenne pepper. It is usually served with the is used on shrimp, crabs, fried calamari, artichokes, and fried green tomatoes among other foods.


How do you make remoulade?

Remoulade is very simple to make at home! Here is a simple recipe you can follow to make a classic French remoulade at home. Feel free to mix it up with the addition of capers, pickles, anchovies, and herbs like tarragon or chives. Play around – there are so many different types of remoulade so you definitely can’t go wrong here.


  • a spoon of mustard
  • a spoonful of wine vinegar
  • a glass of oil
  • two hard-boiled eggs
  • raw egg yolk
  • a teaspoon of chopped parsley


Mix all of the above ingredients together. Season to taste and add more ingredients as desired. Chill before serving.

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