Who to Call When You Need a Last Minute Chef

Last minute Chef – Your Lifebuoy!

It’s the ultimate party nightmare. You’ve got a chef booked in for an important event and they’ve just had to cancel on you last minute.  The event is fast approaching, and people will be hungry! You desperately need to bring in another chef – but where will you find someone who’s suitable, experienced, talented and available for a last minute event?

You’re an event planner or personal assistant, and you’ve been asked to organise a company event in the next few days. Whoever has just asked you to plan the big bash has no idea what kind of effort and time goes into planning such elaborate events. Of course, they’re expecting to be served some A class catering. You need food, and it needs to be fine-dining worthy. Where are you going to find someone to provide gourmet catering to a large group – with just 2 days notice?

Hello, we’re here! Enter CHEFIN. The answer to your last minute chef and catering dilemmas. Your backup for when things go awry and unexpected. The easy-booking, ultimate source for a last minute chef who’s talented, experienced, and ready to cook up a delicious meal at the drop of a hat. We’re here for you. So keep us in the back of your mind – and when food dramas strike, you’ll know who to call.

Last minute party chefs

Planning a big birthday, hens night, engagement party, wedding, graduation, or other big party? You’re going to need food. And if you’ve done all the planning ahead of time, you’ve probably organised for some delicious catering for the big day. Good food makes a good party, and so does efficient planning! Well done.

But chefs are humans too, and sometimes things happen and they have to cancel their commitments. If your party catering plans have fallen apart and you need a last minute chef, don’t panic. Call up CHEFIN – or just make a super quick booking enquiry on our website (we reply really fast). We have a crew of dedicated, passionate chefs who are ready to save the day and take on last minute party jobs.

Last minute private chefs

Forgot a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or other special moment? Maybe it’s too late to order that amazing gift you saw online, but you can still do something extraordinary and last minute. At CHEFIN we have a team of personal chefs ready to save the day with multi-course dinners, lunches, and food experiences!

We’ll connect you with a private chef last minute, and they’ll help you craft the ultimate menu to get your loved one’s mouth watering. All of this will happen super fast, and the chef will drop at your door ready to cook up a storm without anyone noticing you’d forgotten. Romantic dinners, blindfolded dinners, culinary camping, or just classic dinners – you won’t believe what our private chefs can deliver last minute.

Last minute corporate catering

Throwing an impromptu meeting, conference, or meet-up? Skip the pizza delivery and enjoy a last minute catered feast that’s as mouth-watering as it is gourmet. Whether you need catering for a corporate event, expo, party, conference, or meeting – our last minute chefs can cater to large groups with little advance notice.

For tasty corporate catering last minute, call up CHEFIN or make a super quick booking on our website. We’ll be swift and efficient in organising a complete corporate catering meal – with chef and all – in no time! Catering, done, so you can get back to organising the other stuff.

Last minute event chef

An event planner’s worst nightmare is having the caterer cancel last minute. It happens, but the show must go on! The event is still happening and there needs to be food (there always needs to be food!). Big or small, corporate or casual, call up CHEFIN and we’ll connect you with an event chef in no time.

Our team of talented chefs are ready to take on last minute event catering, drawing up a menu super-quick, and delivering gourmet food super fast. Whether it’s an opening night, workshop, cooking class, game night, talk, or meetup – we can organise for a last minute event chef to make sure there’s good food.

Last minute corporate chef

Need a last minute corporate chef, pronto? Whether you’re in need of catering for a big meeting or a restaurant chef has fallen ill and you need a replacement, CHEFIN has a team of talented & experienced last minute corporate chefs.

Our chefs have worked in world-class restaurants (and all over the world). They’re quick learners, fantastic team members, sociable, and able to adapt to any environment. If you’re looking for a last minute chef to deliver a fine-dining meal, give CHEFIN a call or make a super fast booking on our website. You’ll be so impressed you might not even want your original chef back!

How to book a last minute chef

When you’re in need of last minute catering or a chef, we’re the ones to call. We’ll work quickly to help make sure you get an awesome chef delivered to your event in no time, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. Our chefs will cater to all diets, from gluten free to vegan, just ask and we’ll deliver.

Generally, we can organise a last minute chef for your event with the following notice: book directly online (no calls or enquiries please):

When it comes to larger groups, we may only be able to provide a chef with reasonable notice.

Help, I have a chef emergency!

If you’re in trouble, you now know who to call! CHEFIN is your go-to source for last minute chefs, making sure nobody has to go hungry in any event. We know that food and catering are the most exciting aspect of any party, conference, meeting, or wedding, and we don’t want to leave guests disappointed.

Last Minute Venue

Venue is arguably more important than the food. If your venue cancels on you, where are you gonna host the event? CHEFIN will help you find and secure a last minute venue for your corporate or private event, so you can rest easy and know there’s always a Plan B.