How it Works?

Curious about the process here at CHEFIN? Don’t be – it’s all very simple.

What CHEFIN does

  • You want delicious, nutritious dining experiences, and we connect you with a talented local chef who can turn your ideas into a reality
  • We help create deeper, more satisfying culinary experiences that bring people together over the love of food, compared to traditional catering which neglects experience
  • We reintroduce the chef as part of the dining process, making catering more interactive and personal than ever
  • We offer fully-automated, bespoke dining experiences depending on your needs, desires, and event
  • We have a fully integrated supply chain that can be traced from supplier to consumer. We understand the value and importance of knowing where your food comes from
  • We take care of all elements needed for a successful event, from staffing to equipment and clean-up.


Step-by-step CHEFIN process

  1. You (our customer) need a bespoke catering experience
  2. You put through your booking request via our easy-to-use online platform
  3. Our data algorithm matches your catering needs with a talented chef
  4. Your chef creates a unique dining experience based on your needs
  5. CHEFIN provides all ingredients, beverages, staff, food preparation facilities, plating, serving, and even the dreaded clean-up after the event
  6. You walk away happy, with a full belly and big smiles