Like you’ve never seen before

Lunar New Year

The experience

Experience Lunar New Year like never before. Our interactive food journey has all the traditional elements of Chinese New Year, combined into a unique package you won’t find anywhere else.

Asian style dumplings

Enjoy incredible food, interactive cooking classes, gift-giving and talks, all led by our expert private chefs. Everything is taken care of and designed to reflect what you want and value in Chinese New Year – you just tell us what you want and we’ll create a bespoke experience for you and your guests.

Asian style fish

This is a time for you to make connections with loved ones, be surrounded by great company, and usher in the New Year with a unique and special event. So join us in 2020 to celebrate the Year of the Rat.

Chinese rice balls

Traditional dishes with a unique twist

It wouldn’t be a Chinese New Year banquet without all the special dishes we enjoy each year. Enjoy these traditional flavours and auspicious, symbolic foods with a unique twist, designed and served by our expert private chefs. Combining traditional Chinese recipes with local Australian ingredients, this is fusion food like never before.

For those who aren’t used to a Chinese New Year celebration, let our personal chefs walk you through the unique symbolism and meaning behind each dish and enjoy the journey of CNY cuisine.

Dumpling making cooking classes

China’s favourite festive dish, dumplings are a symbol of wealth and much-loved food all across the country. Learn how to make these delicious morsels in an interactive cooking class led by your own private chef. Everyone likes their dumplings made differently, and you’ll learn how to mix together different stuffings and wrap the perfect dumpling.

This is a fantastic activity for team-building, corporate events, and bringing children and families together to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year traditions: a talk

The festival of Chinese New Year is rich in history and tradition. If you’re not familiar with the symbolism of this date, let our private chef lead you through a talk about the traditions and history of the lunar new year. There is much to be said about this time, how it is celebrated, and what it means to the people of China.

Special Chinese New Year gift-giving

It wouldn’t be a Chinese New Year without the giving of gifts. Exchange good fortune and make connections with special gifts provided by our team. All guests will have the chance to give a gift and welcome a fresh new year ahead. We’ll make sure everyone walks away with a smile on their face and a piece of memorabilia to remember this holiday.

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Chinese New Year table settings and decorations

Red is the colour of Chinese New Year, and your interactive journey will be shrouded in this bright auspicious colour. Traditional CNY decorations include red lanterns, red door couplets, paper cuttings, Fu characters, and blooming red flowers. On top of that, your table will be beautifully decorated with red candles, red pockets, and classical Chinese crockery and cutlery.

Live traditional Chinese music

To finish off the scene, your interactive Chinese New Year journey will unfold to a gentle soundtrack of live traditional Chinese music. Set the mood for your CNY celebration with everything from classical music to lion dance music backed by the sound of beating drums and percussion.

Red lanterns for the Chinese New Year celebration


= a good time

  • You get your very own private chef to prepare a custom meal,
  • Your personal chef will source the freshest local ingredients on the day of your event, and arrive one hour early to prepare the deliciousness,
  • You’ll have a friendly & professional team welcoming your guests to your awesome breakfast, lunch, or dinner experience,
  • Your private chef will cook each meal right before your eyes, and personally serve and explain each gourmet course,
  • You’ll get to hear the stories and secrets behind each dish (and take home some recipes!),
  • When the experience is over, your chef will clean up and leave everything completely spotless.

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