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Meet Chef Timothy “Jace” Gilbert, whose culinary journey began at 18, navigating through prestigious culinary schools and roles. With 36 years of experience, he has delighted the palates of celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi and Rick Ross, infusing authenticity with fresh, organically sourced ingredients.

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Timothy “Jace” Gilbert’s culinary adventure commenced at the Brentwood Country Club in Nashville, TN, where he refined his skills before expanding his expertise through various culinary schools. Over the years, he has crafted meals for luminaries such as Jon Bon Jovi, Rick Ross, and Billie Jean King, solidifying his position as a culinary virtuoso. As a former owner of a Southern restaurant, Chef Jace values organic cooking, sourcing only the freshest, organically grown products—a commitment rooted in his upbringing as the son of Tennessee farmers.

Transitioning from farm life to esteemed culinary positions, Chef Jace has graced the kitchens of the Ritz Carlton, Aramark/Harrison Lodging at Princeton University, and numerous high-volume 5-star Michelin restaurants and hotels in NYC. His culinary expertise ranges from Southern comfort foods to the exotic flavors of South India and the Middle East, where he expertly blends herbs and spices for an authentic culinary experience.

Outside the kitchen, Chef Jace is an active figure in the film industry, showcasing his talents as a Singer/Actor in various films and upcoming productions. With a focus on holistic health, he enjoys daily runs, tennis, and herbalism, specializing in natural anti-aging supplements and herbal medicines. Renowned for his refined palate and dedication to healthy living, Chef Jace excels in crafting vegan and vegetarian dishes that both tantalize the taste buds and nourish the body.


One of Chef Jace's culinary passions lies in Southern Catfish Shrimp and Grits, a cherished dish reflecting his Southern heritage and culinary artistry. With its balanced blend of flavors and textures, this iconic dish encapsulates the essence of Southern cuisine, earning it a cherished place on Chef Jace's list of favorite dishes.


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