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Say hello to Chef Michael Cotton, the culinary wizard bringing the sophistication of fine dining straight to your doorstep in Orlando, Florida. With a knack for crafting enchanting dining experiences, Chef Mike specializes in French American cuisine with a dash of European elegance, promising to tantalize your taste buds with every dish.

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  • Location: United States of America, Orlando, Florida
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Chef Michael Cotton’s culinary journey kicked off at the tender age of 5, driven by a burning passion for creating unforgettable culinary adventures. Over the years, Chef Mike has perfected his skills, focusing on an array of cultural cuisines while rooted in the essence of French American cooking.

With expertise in preparing specialty fare like game meats, alligator, snails, freshwater fish, and seafood, Chef Mike’s culinary repertoire is as diverse as it is impressive. His dedication to quality and ingenuity shines in each dish he crafts, aiming to deliver a top-tier restaurant experience right in the comfort of his clients’ homes.

Whether catering to intimate gatherings, corporate functions, or Florida vacation retreats, Chef Mike’s mission is to elevate every occasion with a remarkable five-course feast, offering an evening filled with sophistication, allure, and culinary enchantment. With every meal, Chef Mike strives to create lasting memories for his clients, ensuring that each bite is an experience to savor and treasure.


Among Chef Michael Cotton's array of culinary marvels, one dish stands out as a true work of art: Chicken Coq Au Vin. Featuring tender chicken simmered in a luscious sauce of chicken stock, white wine, and aromatic herbs, this French American classic is a testament to Chef Mike's culinary prowess and innovation. Infused with childhood memories and a hint of Italian influence, Chef Mike's Chicken Coq Au Vin conjures feelings of warmth, coziness, and shared meals with loved ones. With every mouthful, diners are transported to a realm of gastronomic delight, where the love and attention poured into each ingredient shine through in every delectable bite.


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