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Chef de Cuisine Johnene Breaux, a culinary virtuoso with over 8 years of experience in the culinary industry. Hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, Chef Johnene embarked on her culinary odyssey, graduating with distinction in May 2016 from Nicholls State University with a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts. Her journey catapulted her into the world of Celebrity Fine Dining, where she has masterfully crafted delectable dishes for A-list celebrities.

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Chef Johnene Breaux’s culinary voyage commenced as a young girl, bonding with her mother over breakfast creations and playfully envisioning their own restaurant, “J&J’s Fine Eatery.” Growing up in New Orleans, a haven of culinary excellence, she was naturally drawn to the enchanting world of flavors and gastronomy. Her fascination with cooking deepened when she tuned in to the legendary Emeril Lagasse during high school, sparking a culinary calling that would define her future.

Her path to becoming a renowned Personal Chef began at Nicholls State University’s Chef John Folse Culinary Institute, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree. Graduating in 2016, she remained connected with a colleague who was working for Lil Wayne, a pivotal connection that would launch her career. A unique opportunity arose when Lil Wayne’s chef required assistance, prompting Johnene’s journey to Los Angeles.
While living in New Orleans, she frequently traveled to Miami and L.A. to support Lil Wayne’s culinary needs, simultaneously building a network of fellow Personal Chefs. This network introduced her to a job recommendation in L.A., culminating in a three-month assignment that marked the beginning of her tenure in the world of celebrity cuisine.
Chef Johnene’s culinary prowess swiftly attracted the attention of rapper and songwriter Travis Scott, leading her to his kitchen. Her culinary expertise has since become a cornerstone of Travis Scott’s dining experience, often extending to Kylie Jenner and their two children. Southern flavors take center stage, with dishes like flavorful gumbo, succulent catfish, jambalaya, and comforting red beans and rice. Notably, her bespoke breakfast burritos, brimming with bacon, eggs, and cheese, have become a morning essential for the “Sicko Mode” singer.
Q&A Insights: A Glimpse into Chef Johnene’s Journey
Favorite Project: Chef Johnene fondly recalls working for Normani from 5th Harmony at Coachella as her favorite project. Despite the busy weekend, it was an experience filled with vibrant vibes and beauty.
Cooking for Celebrities: Chef Johnene has had the privilege of cooking for a range of celebrities, including Angelica Nwandu (CEO of Shaderoom), Diddy, Jude Demorest (from the TV show Star), and Dannell Ellerbe (Linebacker Philadelphia Eagles), among others.
Impact of Culinary Education: Her education at CJFCI (Chef John Folse Culinary Institute) has been a cornerstone of her success. Chef Frank Brigtsen’s impactful class taught her invaluable recipes, tips, and tricks about cooking.
Advice for Young Culinarians: Chef Johnene’s advice is to be eager to learn, pay attention, ask questions, and always volunteer whenever an opportunity arises. She firmly believes that with determination and belief in oneself, one can achieve anything in the culinary world, the world is your oyster Chefs.


Chef Johnene's culinary artistry shines through her Southern-inspired creations, bringing a taste of home to her celebrity clients. Among her signature dishes are the rich and savory gumbo, featuring layers of flavor that pay homage to her New Orleans roots. Succulent catfish, prepared with Southern finesse, graces the table, showcasing her mastery of classic Southern comfort food. Jambalaya, a symphony of spices and textures, is a beloved favorite, enticing palates with every bite. Additionally, Chef Johnene crafts comforting red beans and rice, a cherished Southern staple that invokes a sense of warmth and tradition. A morning ritual that delights her clients is the bespoke breakfast burrito, a harmonious blend of crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, and melted cheese, providing a hearty start to the day. Chef Johnene's culinary repertoire captures the essence of Southern cuisine, infusing every dish with her passion for flavor and authenticity.


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