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Introducing Chef Jamie Sawney, a dedicated culinary artist based in New York, committed to crafting flavorful and wholesome meals that brighten people’s days. With a background deeply rooted in family kitchens, Chef Jamie’s passion for serving clients’ needs distinguishes him in the culinary landscape.

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  • Location: United States of America , New York
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  • Member since: Mar-2024
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Chef Jamie Sawney’s culinary journey commenced early, as he absorbed kitchen wisdom cooking alongside his mother. This upbringing fueled his love for food and ignited a mission to bring joy through his culinary talents. His dedication to meeting clients’ health-conscious demands sets him apart as a private chef in New York City.

Specializing in American, Italian, and vegan cuisines, Chef Jamie brings a rich tapestry of flavors and skills to his culinary repertoire. He firmly believes in food’s ability to transform lives, striving to craft meals that not only delight the palate but also nourish the body.

With years of honing his craft, Chef Jamie excels at creating dining experiences that linger in memory. Whether it’s sizzling salmon with a zestful lemon-garlic vinaigrette or preparing sumptuous Italian pasta dishes, his culinary finesse shines through in every dish he serves.


One of Chef Jamie Sawney's cherished creations is his grilled salmon with zucchini—a delightful blend of health and flavor that epitomizes his culinary ethos. This dish boasts perfectly grilled salmon fillets alongside tender zucchini, harmonized with a vibrant charred lemon-garlic vinaigrette. Seasoned with just the right touch of salt and pepper, this dish underscores Chef Jamie's dedication to crafting wholesome yet indulgent meals for his discerning clients in New York City.


  • Italian
  • Modern American
  • Vegetarian