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Chef Dana Klitzberg is driven by the joy of bringing people together through food. Her culinary journey began alongside her family on a Pennsylvania farm, evolving into a passion for Mediterranean and Italian cuisine during her studies abroad. Now based in New York, she continues to craft unforgettable culinary experiences that celebrate culture and connection.

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Dana Klitzberg’s culinary adventure started early, fueled by a love for baking and family gatherings in Pennsylvania. Her immersion in Italian cuisine during college ignited a lifelong fascination with Mediterranean flavors. Settling in Manhattan in the ’90s, Dana embraced the city’s vibrant food scene, transitioning from a career in fashion to pursue her culinary dreams.

After honing her skills in top Italian kitchens and teaching cooking classes in Rome, Dana returned to New York to establish her private chef and catering company. With a decade of culinary expertise under her belt, she curates personalized dining experiences that blend her diverse cultural influences. Dana’s journey reflects her dedication to sharing the joy of food with others and fostering connections through culinary exploration.


Chef Dana's signature dish, caponata, embodies the essence of Sicilian cuisine with its sweet-and-sour eggplant flavors. Inspired by her love for Mediterranean ingredients, this versatile dish can serve as an appetizer, side, or main course, showcasing Dana's commitment to vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Despite its complexity, caponata's rich flavors deepen over time, rewarding those who savor its delicious journey.


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