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Chef Bernard Moutal, a seasoned culinary artist from San Jose, California, brings decades of experience and passion for French and European cuisine to the table. With a career spanning from Paris to New York and now San Francisco, Chef Moutal’s culinary journey is a testament to his dedication to the craft.

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At 78 years, Chef Bernard Moutal embarked on a new chapter with gusto, joining the iconic Jeanne d’Arc restaurant in Union Square, San Francisco. Having honed his skills in esteemed restaurants and private clubs across the country, Chef Moutal’s expertise shines through in every dish he creates. With a rich history rooted in French culinary traditions, he continues to captivate diners with his authentic flavors and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Originally from Paris, Chef Moutal’s culinary odyssey led him to New York and eventually to San Francisco, where he embraced the vibrant food culture of the city. At Jeanne d’Arc, he reprises his role as head chef, delighting patrons with beloved classics like rabbit with mushrooms and red wine shallot sauce, escargots cooked with garlic, butter, and parsley, and the legendary Grand Marnier soufflé. Despite his illustrious career, Chef Moutal remains humble, attributing the success of his soufflés to a touch of culinary magic.

Chef Moutal’s return to Jeanne d’Arc heralds a new era for the restaurant, as it emerges from a brief hiatus to reclaim its place as a culinary gem in Union Square. With a blend of nostalgia and innovation, Chef Moutal continues to craft memorable dining experiences, infusing each dish with the timeless flavors of French cuisine.


Among Chef Moutal's repertoire of culinary delights, the Grand Marnier soufflé stands out as a perennial favorite among diners. With its delicate texture and ethereal flavors, this iconic dessert exemplifies Chef Moutal's mastery of French pastry techniques. Each bite is a symphony of taste and texture, leaving patrons craving more of Chef Moutal's culinary artistry.


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