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Say hello to Chef Araceli Perez, a culinary trailblazer based in Houston, Texas, whose zest for life and love of food drive her to craft unforgettable dining experiences. With a dedication to infusing beauty and creating lasting memories through cuisine, Chef Araceli epitomizes culinary artistry.

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  • Location: United States of America, Houston, Texas
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Chef Araceli Perez’s culinary odyssey is fueled by her boundless curiosity and drive for innovation. From her earliest days, the kitchen has been her havenβ€”a space where she can unleash her creativity and explore without limits.

With roots in both Mediterranean and Mexican culinary traditions, Chef Araceli’s culinary palette is a vibrant mosaic of flavors and methods. Her constant quest for culinary perfection propels her to challenge the norms of traditional cooking, embracing new ingredients and techniques with each dish she crafts.

As a private chef in Houston, Texas, Chef Araceli takes joy in fashioning personalized dining experiences that transcend the ordinary. Her knack for turning any ingredient or dish into a culinary marvel speaks volumes about her skill and devotion to her craft. Whether she’s refining, deconstructing, reimagining, or enhancing flavors, Chef Araceli’s dedication to culinary ingenuity knows no bounds.


For Chef Araceli Perez, pride doesn't reside in a single dish or ingredient but in the ongoing journey of evolving and refining her culinary creations. From Mediterranean-inspired mezze platters to inventive takes on beloved Mexican street food classics, Chef Araceli's favorite dishes mirror the diversity of her culinary exploration. Each dish serves as a testament to her adventurous spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence in every mouthful.


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  • Mexican