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Ahmad Farnia, a culinary veteran with over 40 years of experience, is celebrated as a chef, culinary consultant, and cooking class instructor. His culinary journey, inspired by travels across Europe and Asia, has led him to create flavors that are both sophisticated and adventurous. Notably, his restaurants in Oklahoma have garnered recognition, including the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and a place in the Top 100 Best Brunches in the United States.

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With a remarkable career spanning 40 years, Ahmad Farnia stands out as a distinguished chef, culinary consultant, and cooking class instructor renowned for his adventurous and bold flavors. Inspired by his journeys across Europe and Asia, Ahmad has left an indelible mark on Oklahoma’s culinary landscape. His restaurants have garnered local and national acclaim, securing accolades like the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for three consecutive years, a place among the Top 100 Best Brunches in the United States by OpenTable, and multiple “Best of the Best” awards in Oklahoma. Esteemed publications including the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times have lauded his work, while renowned cooking magazines like Bon Appétit and Travel and Leisure have spotlighted his menus and recipes.

Ahmad’s approachable cooking style, utilizing common household herbs and spices to craft universally appealing international dishes, has earned him the status of one of Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area’s most sought-after cooking class instructors. His classes, which feature comprehensive 6-course meals, delve into the histories of diverse cuisines and their contemporary significance. In an era of global interconnectedness, Ahmad’s approach brings a unique international perspective to his students’ kitchens, illuminating recipes that emphasize regional connections. His courses, including the immersive Silk Road journey spanning from Eastern Asia through Central Asia to Western Europe, the Mediterranean exploration encompassing culinary traditions of different shores, and his Persian and Middle Eastern classes, centering on sophisticated comfort food with herb, acid, and spice alchemy, have gained remarkable popularity.

Outside of his culinary endeavors, Ahmad finds joy in family time, playing with his grandson, exploring his culinary passions at home, indulging in NBA and college basketball, and of course, embarking on travels to explore and savor dishes from around the world.


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  • Continental European